Before You Print The Ruler

Before printing, please make sure both “Page Scaling” and “Rotate and Center” options are turned off. Once you click print, a dialog box will open up in Adobe Reader. Under “Page Scaling,” scroll down to select “Actual Size” or “None.” Next to “Auto-Rotate and Center,” make sure the box is unchecked.

Measurements taken with this tool must be treated as estimates only. Correct validation of this ruler can only be achieved by use of a calibrated ruler or measuring tape. Because of the nature of paper, this document may expand or shrink during and after the print process.

Download The Printable Ruler

Please be aware that a standard ruler is 12 inches, however, our printable ruler is 10 inches in length to print on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Most labels that are printable in your inkjet or laser printer will be smaller than 10 inches, so don’t worry.



 Cut out ruler along the lines


Starting at “0′′, wrap the tape around your wrist bone snugly to your skin. We need your exact wrist measurement. Mark where the ends of the tape measure touch. Do not add or subtract from this measurement.


Enter your wrist measurement online when ordering our bracelets.